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299+ Best middle name for sarah

Looking for the perfect middle name for sarah? Greetings on the birth of your new child! It’s time to start thinking about a name for her now that you will have a little one to adore and care for.

Choosing a baby’s name can feel like a tremendous burden, but it can also be a priceless and rare chance to give your young girl a personal and distinctive identity.

299+ Middle Name For Sarah

middle name for sarah

middle name for sarah

A middle name can be a wonderful way to give your child’s name personality and make it unique to you and your family.

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If Sarah is the first name of your new daughter, you might be considering what would be the ideal middle name for her. You want to pick the ideal name for your child Sarah among the many options available.

Our middle name series includes some fantastic middle name suggestions for Sarah as well as a list of tools and resources to help you choose the ideal middle name for your child.

The Meaning of the Name Sarah

The Hebrew meaning of the name Sarah is “noblewoman” or “princess.” Given that it is both feminine and regal, it makes a fantastic middle name choice. Names like Sarai, Sara, and Saraha are some of the many permutations of Sarah. The name could also be spelled differently, such Sarena or Sarina.

Abraham, also referred to in the Bible as “the father of many nations,” was married to Sarah, who was originally called Sarai. Since Sarah has a religious background, many of her middle names have religious connotations as well, such Gabrielle, which means “God is my strength,” Naomi, which means “lovely; gentle,” and Ruth, which means “compassionate companion.”

Tips for mothers

Similar meanings for girls’ names include Alexandra (which means “defender of mankind”) and Victoria (which means “victory”).

There are many fantastic possibilities available if you want to give Sarah a more contemporary middle name. Sarah would look great with the trendy and entertaining names Harper, Riley, or Quinn.

Whatever middle name you give Sarah, be sure she will adore it and be proud of it. For the rest of her life, she’ll carry it about with her!

Popular Sarah-Named People

actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Michelle Gellar, entrepreneur and actress

Sarah Nicold Harding is an English actress, singer, and model.

How to Pick Sarah’s Best Middle Name Family Connections
There are many family members, such as aunts, grandmothers, sisters, or cousins, who could serve as inspiration. Sarah’s middle name might also be a male family name.

You might decide on the middle names Andrea or Alexandra if, for instance, her father’s middle name is Andrew. You might give her the middle name Alexandra rather than Alexander. Alternately, you may use a middle name that is gender neutral, like Ashley, Riley, or Erin.

Special Locations

Is there a location that holds a special value for your family? a well-known destination for family vacations? a city where you were born?

You might possibly pick the middle name of a significant location.

Tips for mothers

If your family is from Hawaii, for instance, you can use a middle name like Kahului. You may even give Sarah the middle name Shannon or perhaps Ireland if your family is Irish.

Known celebrities

Why not use a famous person’s middle name for your child? This can be a wonderful way to honor someone you admire.

For instance, you might choose the middle name Reese if Reese Witherspoon is your favorite actress.

Alternatively, if Taylor Swift is your favorite musician, you can decide to give your daughter the middle name Taylor (or, if you’re feeling really daring, give her the middle name Swift)!

Natural Design

Another fantastic idea is to select a name that is nature-inspired. This might be a lovely method to respect the environment.

If you adore the ocean, for instance, you might opt for the middle names Ocean, Wave, or Blue. You might also choose Lily or Rose for your daughter’s middle name if you like flowers.

preferred shows or books

Another choice is to select a name that is drawn from a book or television program that you enjoy. This can be a wonderful opportunity to share some of your favorite things with your child.

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For instance, if you love The Little Mermaid, you might decide to choose the middle name Ariel or one of Ariel’s many sisters’ other princess names!

If your family is diverse in terms of ethnicities and cultures, you might pick a movie title that pays homage to your roots. Think of Luisa, Isabella, or Maribel from the blockbuster Encanto. (But…we avoid discussing Bruno, no, no, no.)

Names like Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Alice, Jane, and Tiana can be found in vintage Disney films. Some of our favorite characters from more recent films are Moana, Anna, Kiara, and Elsa.

Tips for mothers

Multiple names

If you’ve thought about giving your daughter a double name, Sarah is a lovely choice. Middle names with one or two syllables make excellent double names for Sarah.

Sarah Rose, Sarah Anne, Sarah Marie, Sarah Grace, Sarah Jane, Sarah Gray, Sarah Jaymes, and so forth were your options.

Stylistic Balance

Sarah is a two-syllable name, thus a middle name can be either short or lengthy and yet sound appropriate. Of course, your last name also affects this.

I once learned from a well-known author that the majority of author names have between three and six syllables. Anything longer than that can occasionally be difficult to memorize (although, obviously, it is not a hard and fast rule). Because of this, you should think about how many syllables Sarah’s whole name will have as well as how it flows while choosing the perfect middle name for her.


Last but not least, pay attention to cadence! This is a wonderful method to give the name of your child some extra flair.

For those of us without a musical background, cadence can be defined as the rhythm or flow of a group of sounds or phrases. It is that unique quality that endows words, music, and names with a pleasurable or enduring aural quality.

The best test is to say your daughter’s full name out loud and listen to how it sounds. Cadence can be created in several ways, including balancing syllables as we mentioned above.

Does it sound good and flow well together?

Does it make you feel content and finished? You’re on the right track then!

Sarah’s Top 175 Middle Names

Hannah Sarah
Theodora Adelaide
Sallie Adele
Elizabeth Sarah
Sheila Ainsley
Samantha Sarah
Alice Sarah
Samantha Sarah
Ingrid Ambrose
Anastasia Sarah
Angelica Sarah
Angeline Sarah
Ashley Sarah Anne Sarah
Auden, Sarah
Avery, Sarah
Beatrix Sarah
Bellamy, Sarah
Lady Belle
Sarah Bianca Sarah Beth
Sheila Blair
Ingrid Blythe
Brianne Sarah
Sarah Brooke, Sarah Briar
Camila Sarah
Caroline Sarah
Carrington, Sarah
Catherine Sarah
Ingrid Sarah
Sarah Christine Christine Charlotte
Claire Sarah
Susan Clement
Ms. Sarah Colette
Constance Sarah
Scarlet Sarah
Caroline Sarah
Corinne Sarah
Christina Sarah
Daisy Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Alyson Dawn
Delaney, Sarah
Sarah Deborah
Denise Sarah
Draper, Sarah
Stephanie Sarah
Sallie Elise
Elizabeth Sarah
Sheila Emery
Hannah Sarah
Sarah Emily
Esme Sarah
Estelle Sarah
Evangeline Sarah
Evelyn Sarah
Everly Sarah
Faith Sarah
Sallie Faye
Theodora Sarah
Fiona Sarah Fern Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
Frances Sarah
Francesca Sarah
Gabriella Sarah
Genevieve Sarah
Gillian Sarah
Grace Sarah
Gray, Sarah
Guinevere Sarah
Gwendolyn Sarah
Sally Harlow
Harper, Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Hazel Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Debra Hope
Imogen Sarah
Iris Sarah
Samia Isabel
Isadora Sarah
Isla Sarah
Isobel Sarah
Savanna Ivy
Jacqueline Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Jasmine Sarah
Jessica Sarah
Jillian Sarah
Jocelyn Sarah
Jordan, Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
Josette Sarah
Susan Joy
Theo Joyce
Julianne Sarah
Juliet Sarah
June Sarah
Kate Sarah
Katherine Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Sarah Lavinia Sarah Kay
Sarah Leilani Sarah Leigh
Sarah Louise
Sallie Lily
Sarah Loretta
Louisa Sarah
Clara Sarah
Lucille Sarah
Lucy Sarah
Mabel Sarah
Sarah Maeve Madeleine Sarah Mae
Magdalene Sarah
Mary Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
Mary Sarah
Samantha Sarah
Lauren Sarah
Sarah Melanie
Michelle Sarah
Miriam Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Naomi Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Nicole Sarah
Noelle Sarah
Odette Sarah
Olive Sarah
Olivia Sarah
Sallie Onyx
Ophelia Sarah
Paige Sarah
Sarah Palladio
Sarah Restraint
Sallie Pearl
Penelope Sarah
Susie Peyton
Philippa Sarah
Sampson Phoebe
Sheila Piper
Sally Poppa
Sarah Priscilla Presley Sarah
Sally Quinn
Rachel Sarah
Caroline Sarah
Sheila Rayne
Sheila Rebecca
Lauren Sarah Lauren Sarah Reverie
Sheila Riley
Rose Sarah
Rosalie Sarah
Ruby, Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Samantha Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Sloane, Sarah
Samar Sarah
Tatum, Sarah
Sheila Taylor
Theresa Sarah
Alyssa Victoria
Caroline Sarah
Sarah Victoria
Theo Willow
Ingrid Wren

Tips for mothers

Sarah’s 100 Amazing Middle Names

You might be trying to find the ideal middle name to go with Sarah as your first name. Although it was difficult to choose just a few, these are our favorites.

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Elizabeth Sarah
Alexandria Sarah
Susan Anne
Arabella Sarah
Ariane Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Lady Belle
Ingrid Braelyn
Brianna Sarah
Sheila Brielle
Camila Sarah
Caryl Sarah
Capri, Sarah
Catalina Sarah
Caline Sarah
Charlotte Sarah
Caryl Sarah
Ms. Sarah Colette
Danielle Sarah
Davina Sarah
Delaney, Sarah
Denise Sarah
Eleanor Sarah Eliana Sarah Dior
Elizabeth Sarah
Eloise Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
Evangeline Sarah
Sallie Faye
Susie Fiona
Sandra Sarah
Gabriella Sarah
Genevieve Sarah
Alison Gianna
Grace Sarah
Susan Harmon
Sally Haze
Sandra Isabel
Isla Sarah
Sallie Jade
Hannah Sarah
Jayleen Sarah
Ingrid Jazlyn
Joanne Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
Susan Julian
Juliette Sarah
Sarah Katherine
John F. Kennedy
Sentenced to
Ingrid Kinsley
Leighton, Sarah
Sheila Leilani
Lennox, Sarah
Sallie Lexi
Hannah Sarah
Sheila London
Sheila Mackenzie
Elizabeth Sarah
Mary Sarah
Sarah Mackenzie
Maxine Sarah
Caroline Monroe
Hannah Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Ingrid Novaleigh
Susan Oaklyn
Olivia Sarah
Ophelia Sarah
Inara Sarah
Paige Sarah
Ingrid Paisley
Parker, Sarah
Penelope Sarah
Susie Peyton
Raelynn Sarah
Raquel Sarah
Regina Sarah
Rosalie Sarah
Rowan, Sarah
Sage, Sarah
Savannah Sarah
Sawyer, Sarah
Sloane, Sarah
Samantha Sarah
Tatum, Sarah
Sheila Teagan
Ingrid Tinsley
Trinity Sarah
Theo Valencia
Alyssa Victoria
Caroline Sarah
Vivienne Sarah
Ms. Sarah Waverly
Ingrid Westlyn
Theo Willow
Yvette Sarah
Yvonne Sarah
Zaylee Sarah

35 Sarah’s gorgeous middle names

Even though Sarah is one of the oldest names in human history, it never appears dated in the present. In fact, it has the impression of being innovating. This given name should have the same effect and aura in the middle names as well. The collection of beautiful middle names that are provided below will put an end to your quest.

Jane Sarah Kate
Faith Sarah
Sallie Elise
Sarah Grace Sarah Elizabeth
Paige Sarah
Hannah Sarah
Theo Lynn
Bianca Sarah
Christine Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
Sarah Ruby Sarah Alice
Renee Sarah
Sarah Evelyn Sarah Beth
Sarah Nicole Sarah Mae
Rose Sarah Ann Ann
Jasmine Sarah
Noelle Sarah
Sarah Juliet Sarah Evangeline Sarah Eleanor
Sarah Brooke Sarah Vivian
Mary Sarah
Sarah May Jean Sarah
June Sarah
Debra Hope
Sallie Jade
Jennifer Sarah

Simply put, no. Your child does not require a middle name. You have the option of giving your child just their first and last name. Regarding middle names, there are neither rules nor specifications.

However, putting your middle initials in your name raises people’s perceptions of your intelligence, according to research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology.

Giving your child a middle name will help set them apart from people who have the same name as them. They also have a backup choice as a result. As they get older, some kids prefer to use their middle names instead of their initial names.

We are all aware of how crucial it is to select the ideal name for our children. But did you know that in some cultures, giving your child a middle name can give them a second identity? a fresh link to their heritage or family history.

We’ll look at the factors you should take into account while naming your children’s middle names here!

Honoring a cherished family member with a child’s middle name is a wonderful gesture. It can be a departed relative or a well loved family member who is still alive. This could be a nice spot to include male or female family members since middle names don’t have to be gender-specific.

Tips for mothers

Some parents like to give their children middle names with family surnames, such as their mother’s maiden name. This enables the child to inherit the names of both sides of the family. A great middle name might be any name that has special value for the family.

When picking a child’s name, parents probably give the greatest consideration to how the name sounds as a whole. First, middle, and last names ought to sound natural together.

Because they go well with the majority of first names, short, one- or two-syllable middle names are frequently used.

If there are members of the family who speak a different language or have an accent, consider how everyone will pronounce the names when deciding how they go together.

Even while monograms are common in Southern culture, it is still a good idea to think about your child’s initials wherever you live.

Typically, the first name initial, huge last name initial, and middle name initial appear in that order on women’s monograms.

First, middle, and last name initials are typically used for men. Avoid using the initials to spell out bad words.

Nicknames can also be made up of middle names or their initials. Mary Elizabeth, for instance, can be abbreviated to Mary Beth. Or, as a nickname, Elizabeth Zoe might be abbreviated to the letters E. Z.

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You can always incorporate several middle names if you simply can’t limit it to a first name and a middle name. Although most Americans only have one middle name, having two or more is quite prevalent worldwide.

However, it is advised against using too many middle names. Because several names can be confusing, most paperwork only has room for one middle name or initial.

Tips for mothers

A child’s middle name is a wonderful way for parents to honor someone or something that has special value to them. Various sources of name inspiration include:

  • important individuals in your life
  • characters from television, movies, or books
  • places that serve as memory sites
  • vital to the family languages

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A lot of different first names go well with the middle name Sarah.

First name choices for Sarah

Here are the top first name choices for Sarah, our favorite middle name.

Abigail Sarah
Addison Sarah
Allison Sarah
Amelia Sarah
Anastasia Sarah
Annabella Sarah
Baylee Sarah
Beatrix Sarah
Beverly Sarah
Braelynn Sarah
Brooklyn Sarah
Brynlee Sarah
Caroline Sarah
Cecily Sarah
Charlotte Sarah
Coraline Sarah
Daphne Sarah
Deanna Sarah
Delaney Sarah
Desiree Sarah
Eleanor Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
Ellery Sarah
Evelyn Sarah
Felicity Sarah
Gabriella Sarah
Genevieve Sarah
Giovanna Sarah
Gracelyn Sarah
Gwendolyn Sarah
Hadley Sarah
Harlow Sarah
Harper Sarah
Isabelle Sarah
Isla Sarah
Ivy Sarah
Jayleen Sarah
Jessamine Sarah
Jocelyn Sarah
Josephine Sarah
Josette Sarah
Juliet Sarah
Julianna Sarah
Juniper Sarah
Katherine Sarah
Kennedy Sarah
Kinsley Sarah
Leighton Sarah
Lilliana Sarah
Luciana Sarah
Lydia Sarah
Madeline Sarah
Magnolia Sarah
Mariana Sarah
Mckinley Sarah
Nadia Sarah
Naomi Sarah
Nariah Sarah
Navaeh Sarah
Nicolette Sarah
Olivette Sarah
Olivia Sarah
Ophelia Sarah
Oriana Sarah
Paisley Sarah
Peighton Sarah
Penelope Sarah
Persephone Sarah
Poppy Sarah
Presley Sarah
Remington Sarah
Riley Sarah
Rosalie Sarah
Ruby Sarah
Savannah Sarah
Scarlett Sarah
Skylar Sarah
Sophia Sarah
Sydney Sarah
Tabitha Sarah
Tatiana Sarah
Teagan Sarah
Trinity Sarah
Victoria Sarah
Vivienne Sarah
Waverly Sarah
Whitney Sarah

Winifred Abbreviations for Sarah

Sarah Sarra variants include Sari Say Shay (Biblical Greek)
Sara (Biblical Latin, English, Dutch, German)
Saija, Salli, Sara, Sari, and Saara (Finnish)
Σάρα (Greek)
Kala (Hawaiian)
Sarah, Saraid, and Orcha (Irish)
Сaра (Mongolian)
Sarka, Sarra, and Aap (Russian)
(Spanish) Sara, Sarita Sare (Turkish)

Similar names to Sarah


Boy names for Victoria’s siblings that complement Sarah

Adam and Sarah
Asher and Sarah
Hannah and Sarah
Caleb and Sarah
Cooper and Sarah.
Daniel and Sarah
Edward and Sarah
Forrest and Sarah
Scott and Sarah
Henry and Sarah
Abraham and Sarah
Jackson and Sarah
Kenneth and Sarah
Liam and Sarah
Miles and Sarah
Nathaniel and Sarah
Nicolas and Sarah
Olin and Sarah
Oscar and Sarah
Parker and Sarah
Samuel and Sarah
Sebastian and Sarah
Thomas and Sarah
Samuel and Sarah

Sibling girl names that go with Sarah and Wyatt

Abigail and Sarah
Beatrice and Sarah
Claire and Sarah
Delaney and Sarah
Emma and Sarah
Freya and Sarah
Gianna and Sarah
Hannah and Sarah
Isabelle and Sarah
Jasmine and Sarah
Katherine and Sarah
Lillian and Sarah
Lucy and Sarah
Margaret and Sarah
Noelle and Sarah
Lauren and Sarah
Seneca and Sarah
Quinn and Sarah
Elizabeth and Sarah
Samantha and Sarah
Scarlett and Sarah
Tiffany and Sarah
Vicky and Sarah
Will and Sarah
Zoey and Sarah

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Tips for mothers

The Origins of the Name Sarah

Sarah is referred to as the matriarch of the Jewish people in the Old Testament as well as the wife of Abraham.

Following the Protestant Reformation, Sarah became a popular given feminine name, as with most biblical names. It is a consistently well-liked name in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

According to the Social Security Administration, Sarah has remained among the top 150 girl’s names given in the United States since 1880. The year that was the least well-liked was 1959, when it came in at position 119.

Sarah’s popularity started to climb the charts once more in 1960, peaking during the 1980s and 1990s. Sarah is currently the 92nd most popular girl’s name in America as of the year 2021. Sara, the most frequent alternate spelling, is the 196th most popular girl’s name overall.