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mamalovesu is a resource blog about motherhood – where you will find proven methods as well as some personal tips and tricks from me to make your motherhood journey so much easier.


mamalovesu was founded by me mother of 1, Janette Heath. I grew up in the Caribbean and I did not have access to a lot of resources we often overlook and take advantage of like a supermarket.

I have learned a lot of tips and tricks that I am willing to share on this blog that will make you go, WOW as well as keep you informed. Stay tuned for more information.

Vision believes that gardening saves the planet and is essential to your mental and physical health.

We live in a timeline where there are so many uncertainties in the world and our environment: rumors about food shortage, inflation, global warming, unemployment, and many others.

People are living on the streets without a source of income or food – so instead, why don’t we create an informative site as a guide for others to provide free food for themselves?

I want to help people without homes and people who need to learn permaculture and other gardening techniques, providing job training and organic food to eat.

Beforehand, As another gardener with no experience or help, I battled with tracking down the most essential cultivating data. Google and disappointment were my essential instructors (thank heavens haha!).

That is the reason following a couple of seasons, long stretches of examination, and a gut-level love for cultivating that wouldn’t disappear, I began helping other starting grounds-keepers like me develop their own nurseries, giving them a “alternate way” around the slip-ups I made in the past.

I created this website where people can get information and promote how gardening solves one of the world’s greatest problems. I believe that by creating this site, we can encourage many to start gardening and learn permaculture that will also save many from hunger, food shortage, and to avoid ecological imbalance from the timeline we live in and for the future generation.

“Not only can gardening help you become healthy physically, but it will also help you become healthy emotionally and spiritually.. its quite the sport!” – Janette Heath